Resources for Sheridan Elementary School Families

Sheridan Elementary School offers a variety of resources for families. Learn how you can become involved at Sheridan through our Parent-Teacher Organization or other volunteer opportunities. You can also find useful information about our fundraising efforts, transportation, and our Bilingual Parent Liaison.


You can help support Jefferson Elementary School by participating in these ongoing fundraisers.


There are many ways you can become involved at Sheridan School. Here are just few:


Stay informed on a variety of topics.


Sheridan School is fortunate to have a staff member to coordinate parental involvement in our school and also to maintain clear communication between school and home.

21st Century Community Learning Center (CCLC) 

During CCLC time students will focus on academics for approximately one hour, Monday through Thursday, working with classroom leads on academics and participating in individual skill building activities designed to complement their day school learning. The academic hour may be spent on academic interventions, tutoring, and practicing specific skills. It is important that parents check planners nightly. Enrichment Hour Students participate in activities that expand on learning in ways that differ from methods used during the school day for approximately one hour, Monday through Thursday. The activities are often interactive and project-focused. These activities are fun and allow participants to apply knowledge and skills stressed in school to real life experiences. CLC has various community partners who provide enrichment activities for all grades. On days that there are not community partners scheduled, CCLC provides fun and educational activities.

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