Horace Mann Middle School

About Horace Mann Middle School

The Horace Mann Middle School campus is situated on 43 acres of beautiful green space. One of our goals is to expand students’ horizons by welcoming them into an environment that will help them learn, grow and succeed.

Education at Horace Mann Middle School

Alongside core academic courses like math, science, language arts and social studies, students participate in a variety of allied arts classes, including music, physical education, art, technology education, family and consumer education, world languages, and business education. These allied arts classes expose students to new concepts, skills and experiences, while providing students choices in their education.

In addition to the rigorous activities of the school day, students are encouraged to explore their interests and talents through a variety of interscholastic and extracurricular activities. Students may also participate in activities like Archiver’s Club, Chess Club, Show Choir, and Talent Show. One bonus to attending Horace Mann is an opportunity to experience the inner workings of live productions. Typically over 100 students participate in our annual musical, held in the Leslie W. Johnson Theater, which is also home to the Sheboygan Theater Company. 

Horace Mann also has academic enrichment in the form of the Lakeland Math competition, geography bee, spelling bee, and National History Day competitions. Advisors work to schedule the activities so students do not have to choose between, but can participate in any or all activities they are interested in.

All Horace Mann Middle School students belong to a team, which makes a large school feel smaller and helps students get to know their teachers and each other more quickly. Students also have an opportunity to connect with others during advisory time, discussing topics related to school expectations, working together and just getting to know each other and having fun. At the heart of the students feeling connected to school is a quality, caring staff. Over 67% of Horace Mann teachers hold a Master’s degree or higher. The Horace Mann site-based management team is a partnership between staff, students and parents to oversee the general school functioning and family-focused activities, such as the Fall Open House and multiple Family Fun Nights.

To prepare students for the 21st century, students utilize one-to-one devices throughout their middle school career. In addition, Horace Mann boasts SmartBoards in each academic classroom to enhance the interactive learning environment. Horace Mann Middle School is also home to the Dual Language program, which offers academic programming in both English and Spanish.

Contact Information

2820 Union Avenue,
Sheboygan, WI 53081

(920) 459-3666

School Hours


Half of students in-person
Monday/Thursday 8:00 a.m.– 3:20 p.m.

Half of students in-person

Tuesday/Friday 8:00 a.m.– 3:20 p.m.

Wednesday & Days not in person will be Virtual

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