Transition to Laude System

Transition to Laude System begins with Graduating Class of 2022

Over the last school year, a Weighted Grade Review Committee comprised of students, parents, classroom teachers, school counselors, and administrators has reviewed district policies and guidelines related to our current weighted grades, class rank, and Valedictorian/Salutatorian designation.

Transition to Laude System at Sheboygan Area School District

In March 2018, the committee presented five recommendations to the Board of Education which were approved in May. The recommendations modify the weighted grade and class rank policies and include the transition from the current valedictorian/salutatorian system to a Laude System over the next four years.

Recommendations 1-4 apply only to the freshman class, which is the graduating class of 2022. Knowing many students plan their high school coursework beginning their freshman year, the committee determined it was in the best interest of students to begin these changes with a new class of incoming high school students.

Recommendation 5 applies to the sophomore class (2021), junior class (2020) and senior class (2019). The recommended change will ensure that a students’ class rank is reported more consistently throughout their high school career.

The changes are as follows:

  1. Beginning with the graduating class of 2022, remove the caps that limit the maximum number of honors credits at the 7th and 8th semesters which are included in the GPA calculation. As a result of this modification:
    1. all grades earned by students would be fully included within the weighted GPA calculation
    2. the maximum weighted GPA would be changed from 5.273 (7th semester)/5.300 (8th semester) to 6.000
  2. Beginning with the graduating class of 2022, create a three-level Laude System to replace the current valedictorian system. The following weighted GPA ranges will be used to determine each Laude level:
    1. Cum Laude: 4.600 - 4.999
    2. Magna Cum Laude: 5.000 - 5.299
    3. Summa Cum Laude: 5.300+
  3. Beginning with the graduating class of 2022, eliminate Policy 5430 - Class Rank.
  4. Beginning with the graduating class of 2022, no longer offer an Honors Diploma.
  5. For the graduating classes of 2019 (Seniors), 2020 (Juniors), and 2021 (Sophomores) ensure the 7th and 8th semester honors course limits are not applied to weighted grade GPA calculations until the end of each respective semester.

In order to assist in answering questions you may have about these changes, we have included a list of frequently asked questions. Throughout the next school year, students and parents will have the opportunity to hear more about and discuss these changes with school staff.

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