Lake Country Academy Academics

At Lake Country Academy, We implement programs like PBIS, WIN, Core Knowledge, and Guidance Instruction to maximize academic success for all students.


"Music Can Change the World"



"Every Child is an Artist"


Physical Education

Physical Education is an important part of the total educational program. Students participate in physical activities that allow them to develop an understanding of their physical fitness level and abilities.


After decades of research in second language acquisition, researchers have found that language is not built up from practice but from consistent and constant exposure to comprehensible input of the language being acquired.


WIN is a time when all students maximize learning with specific skill development lessons in reading and math. Students receive instruction, feedback, and support during this time.


Speech-language therapy addresses challenges with language and communication. The overall goal is to help kids communicate in more effective ways.

Shurley Grammer

Competent writing begins with understanding correct sentence structure, expands to paragraphs, and results in the satisfaction of well-written essays, reports, and letters.

Special Education

All students should be provided with an education in the development of cognitive skills, affective skills, self-awareness, self-esteem, physical well being, and socially acceptable decision making strategies.


PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports. It is an organized, data-driven system of interventions, strategies and supports that positively impact school culture.


There are many aspects to the school counseling program at Lake Country Academy. I have the most contact with students through classroom guidance lessons.

Direct Instruction

This is a highly researched curriculum and teaching method that has been extensively field-tested and proven to work. In a typical classroom, you will see teacher-led instruction with rapid pacing and frequent group responses.

Core Knowledge

At Lake Country Academy we value assessment and evaluation as part of the learning process to assist the teacher in making appropriate education decisions.

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