About Farnsworth Middle School

Farnsworth Middle School is one of four middle schools in the Sheboygan Area School District. We have a student body of about 550 students in sixth, seventh and eighth grades. We work hard to make sure that your child feels at home at Farnsworth Middle School. Our staff is dedicated to providing a safe and encouraging learning environment for every student.


To develop a smaller, family-like atmosphere, all students belong to a team. The team approach organizes students and teachers into smaller learning communities which help students get to know their teachers and each other. Common planning periods and team meetings are opportunities for teachers to plan instruction and discuss issues concerning students on their team.

Exploring new interests

Students are exposed to new courses in middle school through the Allied Arts program, which offers a wide variety of courses in art, music, health, physical education, business, technology, family and consumer education, and world languages. Students also are encouraged to get involved by participating in some of our many after-school activities. Not only do students learn new skills, they also develop teamwork and cooperation skills and build confidence and self-esteem.

Communicating with families

Regular communication between school and families is essential for student success.

  • Parent-teacher conferences are scheduled several times per year.
  • Parents can check on their child's academic performance and assignments online through Skyward
  • Many teachers offer news and information about their classes on class PowerSchool or Google Classroom pages.

If you have any questions about Farnsworth Middle School or would like to set up a personal tour, please call our school office at
(920) 459-3655. We welcome you to join our school community!

 Sheboygan's South Side Junior High School is completed. Sheboygan's first junior high included students in grades kindergarten to 9th.   Enrollment of 862 students and staff of 24 full-time and 4 part-time teachers.
 Elementary classes are transferred to the new Wilson School, leaving a student population of 662.
 We became Farnsworth Junior High School, named for William S. Farnsworth, the man who is credited with founding Sheboygan
 A major remodeling took place providing space for science, music, art, technology education and the library
 We became Farnsworth Middle School as the concept of middle schools was adopted in Sheboygan
 Another major remodeling and additions are built to improve physical education, library, classroom and cafeteria spaces

 Remodeling converts the former auditorium space into two floors of classrooms, small instructional areas, and meeting spaces

Otto H. Lowe
Otto F. Huettner
Erwin J. Bach
Perry Gaalaas
James H. Arentsen
Roland Alger
Al Calabresa
Dave Williams
Todd DeBruin

Attendance Matters

  • Being on time prevents disruptions and missed instruction. Students are expected to be in their first hour classes when the bell rings at 8:00.
  • Help your child get to school on time everyday.
  • Please schedule any appointments outside of school hours when possible.

Because regular school attendance matters, Farnsworth has put several interventions in place in order to encourage everyday attendance.

State law allows no more than 10 excused absences per school year. As students begin to accumulate excused absences, the following interventions/consequences may be implemented:

  • student or parent contact by classroom teacher, school counselor, administrator, and/or school social worker
  • attendance letters mailed home
  • student or parent meeting with counselor, administrator, and/or school social worker
  • participation in a Truancy Abatement Group (TAG)

After 10 excused absences, a doctor’s excuse may be required to excuse any absences for the remainder of the school year. If the doctor’s excuse is not provided, the absences will turn to unexcused absences and further interventions/consequences will occur.

Wisconsin State Statue 118.15, compulsory school attendance, and school district policy considers a student to be habitually truant if he/she was absent from school without an acceptable excuse for either part of or all of five or more days on which school is held during a semester.

For any absence that is unexcused, your child will need to make up missed learning time with detention.

Other additional interventions/consequences that may be implemented include:

  • Police, school resource officer, or truancy officer may be sent to pick up your child.
  • Police citations to your child and/or you for truancy or contributing to truancy
  • Attendance case management by school social worker, counselor, and/or administrator
  • Truancy referral completed to Department of Human Services

Being tardy to school is also a form of an unexcused absence and truancy. The tardy policy below has been developed in order to encourage being on time.

Minor office referrals are written for the first three tardies in a quarter. Some possible interventions/consequences that may be implemented at this time include:

  • Verbal warning
  • Detention time with first hour teacher to make up missed class time
  • Student and/or parent contact

Consequences intensify after the third tardy in a quarter. Some possible interventions/consequences that may be implemented include:

  • Detention time after school or during lunch
  • Your child will not be able to participate in the PBIS quarterly incentive.
  • Your child would be considered for a Tardy Abatement Group (TAG).
  • A parent meeting may be set with administration, counselor, school social worker, and/or school resource officer.
  • A citation may be issued if your child is tardy 10 or more times in a quarter.

Contact Us

Please don't hesitate to call us if you have any questions or concerns.

Bear in mind that teachers are not able to receive phone calls while they are conducting classes. If you need to get in touch with a specific teacher, emailing will usually get you the fastest response. Email can be used to arrange a time for a phone or in-person discussion if that is what you prefer.

You can find staff contact information by checking our Staff Directory, or by checking Team pages in our Academics tab. If you're not sure who to get in touch with, our Who Do I Ask? chart below can steer you to someone who can help.

School Hours for Students

Screen Shot 2020 07 09 at 1.36.08 PM

Office Hours (during the school year)

Screen Shot 2020 07 09 at 1.42.34 PM

Principal: Todd DeBruin     Counselor, last names A-L: Kristine Eggebeen
Associate Principal: Lee Dreyfus     Counselor, last names M-Z: Jill Wetzel
Attendance Secretary: Kim Rowley     School Nurse: Terry Boxrucker 
Guidance Secretary: Heather Roelse     School Psychologist: Kathy Kobelsky
Head Secretary: Amanda Zastrow     School Social Worker: Alyssa Boutelle

Screen Shot 2020 07 09 at 1.49.11 PM

Arranging a Visit

Please call our school office at (920) 459-3655 to set up a tour. For our students' safety, visitors are required to enter through the main doors, sign in at the office, and obtain a visitor's pass. The visitor's pass should be displayed throughout your visit to make it clear that you are an authorized visitor.

Getting Here

Farnsworth is located at 1017 Union Avenue on the south side of Sheboygan. It is only a few blocks from Lake Michigan.

For the safety of our students, city traffic ordinances limit parking, stopping, and standing near the school. There is no parking on the Farnsworth side of any of our surrounding streets from 7-4 on school days. In addition, stopping/standing by cars is prohibited in certain bus-only areas shown in red in the picture. Please use the green areas when dropping off or picking up your students.

State Report Cards 

Farnsworth has earned a rating of Exceeds Expectations on its new School Report Card! This rating is based on student growth, achievement, attendance, and more.

Learn about the activities at Farnsworth Middle School.