Central High School Academics

Central High School, in partnership with community resources, provides students with supported, personalized learning pathways focused on academic, personal, and social growth. Central is focused on students who desire a real-world approach to learning will experience a blend of innovative and diverse educational opportunities.

College and Career Center

Central High School works in partnership with Lakeshore Technical College to provide Early College opportunities for students meeting the program requirements.


The GED Option 2 program at Central High School provides students the opportunity to prepare and complete HSED testing and earn a Sheboygan Area School District diploma.

Night School

Central High offers an after school credit recovery program from 3:45 - 5:15 Monday through Friday. Students work independently in our lab with staff support available at all times. We offer a large list of required and elective courses to promote student success.

Summer School

If you are interested in credit recovery options during the school year, please revisit our site in fall and learn more about NIGHT SCHOOL!

TAPP / Parenting Lab

Students who become pregnant share that information with their guidance counselor. The guidance counselor contacts Central High School to schedule a meeting with the guidance counselor, TAPP teacher, parents, and student.

Title I

Title I is a federal program that provides money to school districts to help children becoming successful learners. Title I funds are given to schools that have the largest percentage of low-income students.


Central High School is a Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) school and every student must complete the CEP form

Explore the College Credit Courses offered at Central High School.

College Credit Courses